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Dubai is home, away from home, for thousands of expatriates who have travelled to the emirate to see their dreams come true. People fall in love with the city at first sight.

Be it businessmen, social media influencers or celebrities, many expatriates have made it big and made Dubai their home; connecting emotional with the city of opportunities.

“Many people who have come to Dubai, don’t want to go back to any other country and the same thing happened to me. The more I travel the world, the more I love Dubai. Wherever I go, I want to come back to Dubai. Thanks to UAE leaders for the opportunities that they have given us,” says Rizwan Sajan, founder and chairman of Danube Group.

Sajan was speaking at the launch of the “My Dubai, My Home” campaign, which was launched by Danube Properties in partnership with Khaleej Times, to recognise top social media influencers, celebrities and YouTubers who have made Dubai their home.

Top social media influencers and YouTubers from a variety of fields such as Mo Vlogs, Jumana Khan, Nina Ubhi, Ahmed Mokbel, Sadiq Ahmed, Ritu and Rinky, Kelvin Cheung, Ahmad Haffar, Vlada and Virdah Khan attended the event.

A study conducted by the UK-based firm Online Mortgage Advisor ranked Dubai among the world’s top 25 most beautiful cities.

Sharing his personal experience and his love for Dubai, Sajan said when he landed at the Dubai International Airport 29 years ago, he felt at home.

“After Iraq invaded Kuwait, I moved to Dubai. When I landed 29 years ago and the security personnel checked my passport, he spoke to me in Hindi/Urdu and asked me ‘kaisa hay’ (how are you). I fell in love with Dubai because I felt at home. I am away from India but don’t feel like I am away from my home country,” says Danube Group founder.

“From the day I landed till today, I am happy that I have made Dubai my home. I would never leave this country,” says Sajan.

He said the emirate offers stability, security, business-friendly environment; hence it is easier to settle down here not just for Asian but European nationals as well. “Plus, there are no taxes here. And all these aspects make people feel comfortable.”

Social media influencers and YouTubers also credit Dubai’s safety, security, growth opportunities and other aspects as a major attraction to make the emirate their home.

No place like Dubai

Jumana Khan: “Being in Dubai is just like in little India. The place, the food makes me feel like I am at home. I love Dubai Airport as well.”

Kelvin Cheung: “Dubai is one of the most blessed places that have been created. Leaders have made this country for people to thrive and live in peace, and harmony. It’s one of the most dynamic cities.”

Sadiq Ahmed: “I love Dubai because I feel secure. This is a peaceful place to live we get good opportunities to grow.”

Riki and Ritu: “ Since we came here, we are in love with Dubai. It feels like just we are back home in India. You can relate to your culture here. We get a very homely and warm feeling here.”

Virdah Khan: “Dubai is a place of opportunities and safety. I love taking my son around Dubai and it feels so safe here.”

Mo Vlog: “Dubai is my home and I love this city. The most beautiful thing is that the leadership has made this city a beautiful mix of cultures.”

Ahmed Haffar: “I came to Dubai from Lebanon with nothing but I achieved what I wanted. Dubai is my home now. Thank you, Dubai.”

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