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At Danube Properties, we believe in the power of dreams. Danube Properties is a part of Danube Group that has grown from a small store in Deira in 1993 into a billion-dollar conglomerate today. Danube Properties since it’s inception has been known for timely delivery and unparalleled quality. 

From budget apartments, and strategic locations to branded extravagance, we’ve set new standards to elevate the lifestyle of the residents. Our iconic projects showcase our unwavering commitment to quality and making luxury affordable for every expat in Dubai.

All our homes are fully furnished and come with over 40 amenities at 1% payment plan, making home ownership a reality.

Thanks to UAE’s visionary leaders, our team, partners, and shareholders.


Founder & Chairman – Danube



Vice Chairman

Mr. Anis Sajan, Vice Chairman of Danube Group, epitomizes visionary leadership within the realm of real estate. His journey from a Sales Executive at Eureka Forbes to shaping Danube Properties into a symbol of excellence reflects his unwavering commitment to innovation and quality.

As a devoted family man and cricket aficionado, Mr. Sajan brings a dynamic perspective to his role, balancing corporate leadership with personal passions. Under his guidance, Danube Properties has become synonymous with innovative residential solutions, setting new standards of luxury and affordability.

Beyond Danube Properties, Mr. Sajan spearheads brands like Milano and Casa Milano, revolutionizing the sanitaryware industry with a blend of functionality and elegance.

With a keen eye for opportunity and a dedication to excellence, Mr. Anis Sajan continues to shape the future of Danube Group, leaving a lasting mark on the industry and inspiring others to follow suit.


Group Managing Director

A young, visionary and charismatic leader, who has been one of the key ingredient in Danube’s strategic growth post-2009 with the establishment of Danube Buildmart, now renamed as Danube Home.

Under his leadership, Danube is operational in major cities across the world.

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