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Bottoming out of prices makes this the best time to buy for Investors and end-users. says Rlzwan SaJan
Demand for affordable floating. particularilly In tne one to two-bearoorn categories. Is fast growing in Dubai where freehold property prices nave bottomed out offering investors and end users ‘Me best time to buy: a leading developer said.
Danube Properties, tne property ann of Danube Group, said affordability, quality and return on Investment remain key factors driving demand for new properties. -With prices remaining at the lowest bottom. now is the time to Invest In Dubai properties. said Rlzwan Satan. founder and chairman of Danube Group.
Me said that tne ‘stop renting and start owning’ vend nas grown Immensely and we are proud to be the pioneers in affordable housing: SaJan said at a Press conference. tie said 95 per cent of Danube’s recently launched Dn400 million Miraciz project nad teen sold.
He also said mat Dutiars mousing sector would see growth In 2017. with more projects coming up to cater to the mkt-income segment that nas teen untapped and has been seeing a lot of transactions lately. With attractive payment plans. the affordable mousing market in Dubai. which Is currently undersupplleci, would see a ‘runner growth In demand from mkt-income segment ne said.
8011p/cod access Susn mita Sen. Is the new brand ambassador of Danube Group. along with Mis SaJan. managing director of Danube Group.
‘Miraciz is a magnificent structure. at an excellent !melon and we introduced a new brand ambassador for the campaign. We are extremely happy with tne response received and looking to Introduce new concepts in the affordable ?lousing sector.’ SaJan said. tie said won( on all seven Danube projects. Including Dreamz. Glitz 1, 2 and 3. Start and Glamz. apart from Mlraclz are progressing well. Mils year. Danube hopes to deliver 851 units and plans to launch new projects worth Dhl billion.’ The total book value of Danube Properties is currently Dn2.2 billion.
?Located at Arlan. next to Miracle Gardens. Mlraclz offers a collection of studio. one and two-bedroom fully fumisned apartments equipped with modular furniture and a European technology convertible sofa that converts Into a P.M-sized bed at a light pull.
“So. you get a spacious living room in the daytime and a contented guest room at night’
SaJan said that Sen would endorse the group’s diverse offerings and is seen as part of the various marketing collaterals.
-Susnmita is a natural fit for Danube Group. Our decision to nave Susnmita on board with us stems from the fact that sne stands for all the values. we as Danube Group stand for. Sne is someone wno Is a symbol of grace and credibility and Is admired by a wide spectrum of people around the world.’
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